Company owner Yosef Montgomery is a Chicago, IL based videographer. As a kid growing up in Chicago's South Suburbs, Yosef developed a profound interest in popular culture. He always found himself fascinated by the latest music video's, movies, and TV shows. This fascination transcended into a hobby, which later would become a career. Montgomery views filming, and editing as a vehicle to project his expression. There's an old saying that "a picture is worth a thousand words," well the beauty with motion picture is that you can detail one, or multiple stories in any given amount of time. Being from Chicago, Yosef was around an abundance of hungry up and coming recording artists. Before long he found himself staring down the view finder of his Nikon camera, shooting videos for local emerging talent. Alongside friend Jordan Howard. Yosef would go on to shoot nearly 100 music videos for a plethora of musicians in the area. After getting a taste of the film life, Yosef begin to network with any and everybody he could in order to get his next break. Former high school male mentor Jason Thomas helped him become a more versatile, well rounded videographer, by setting him up with Prairie State College Trio ETS Program. By filming these events for Mr. Thomas, Yosef began to meet other visionaries who shared the same passion as himself. He has recently teamed up with Chicago start up film company Radical Rebels, whom specialize in everything from commercials, and testimonies, to short films, and music videos.